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PostSubject: teacheromari@yahoo.com   28/2/2010, 7:03 pm

the name of allah
at first what the meaning of handicapped? Question is that the people who cant be do any thing with out help or the people who in our think musnt study or eather work, there isnot in our world any word which meaning that becaus may be there is people they have proplem by the time deserv all recpect becaus they didnot make from there proplem a wall and they canot cross it so , my be there is handicapped people do many of good thing in there life which made them proud in there self, and Iam shur that if we open the door to there futur they will be the most people happines in there wourld.............
Smile Very Happy bom
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PostSubject: Re: teacheromari@yahoo.com   28/2/2010, 7:17 pm

by the name of god
at first what is the meaning of handicapped? Question is it represents all people who cant do any thing with out helping or the people who in our thought mustn't study or either work. there is no word in our world which means that. may be there are people who have problems by the time they deserve all respect because they didn't make from their problem a wall and cant cross it . may be there are handicapped people who do many good things in their life which made them proud of themselves . I am sure that if we open the door for their future they will be the happiest people in the world..........

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