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 Al-Mazar Secondary School for Boys

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PostSubject: Al-Mazar Secondary School for Boys   14/11/2009, 7:31 pm

Lesson 4 Time: 50m.

Tell the story of something belonging to you which was stolen. Who you thought was the thief. Say whether you got it back or not.
a. Gathering information.
1 .What was that thing?
2. Who you thought was the thief?

b. Drafting
- Write the first draft.

- Exchange the draft with a partner.

-Write the final draft
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PostSubject: theft   8/3/2010, 8:37 am

Two years ago, had been stolen from me and then I bought a football soccer seconds I said to myself I will buy a football and watch the third one who steals from me the balls delegated football in the garden of the home Rqub the thief was a neighbor wraps around the house where they questioned but did not steal the ball Roani And lost on the disposal to catch the thief in the years ago and did not know the thief
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Al-Mazar Secondary School for Boys
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